Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Round 3 of 4 and it's another Chemo Tuesday

It's another August in the hot humid South. We had a huge rain storm yesterday, the temperatures plummeted. This will be short lived. When the sun hits all these wet trees and grass, we will be struggling to breath.  September is peeking it's head around the corner and I'm ready to embrace any month that heralds the end of summer and the beginning of fall. 

Today is Chemo Tuesday for me. This is round 3 of 4. There may be more but only after testing is done after round 4. 

The waiting room blasted cold alr down upon us. I was relieved when the lab person called my name. A CBC was ordered along with the tumor markers and the CEA. These tests are over 570.00 and my insurance company had been denying payment. When I contacted them, the insurance person assured me that these tests if done on the day of ftreatment would be covered. Until I see that actualized on paperwork I will proceed as though these labs are not covered. When I visited with the P.A. this morning, I mentioned this to her and she said "it's not a definitive test and we don't have to do them each time you come in. We can space them out so she cancelled the ones drawn for today. Ya  gotta be on your toes and watch everything with these insurance companies and hospitals. I'm sure there are a lot of patients that would never question what was being ordered. I"m not one of them. As with the chemo pills that were ordered at a cost of 5000.00 per month and not covered by my insurance company and my choosing to have it given by infusion which my insurance company would cover saved me a charge of 5000.00 a month. I wear a pump in a fanny pack that infuses that chemo over a two day period. The chemo is called 5FU while the pill is called Xeloda. Both are the same medicine but one is liquid infusion while the other is in pill form. 

As soon as we are seated and the medi port is accessed, the chemicals are started. We eat a Klonopin. I dig through my purse and extractr the Klonopin. ONe for the daughter and one for myself. We toss one down our troast, toast each other with a can of Lemonadi aaand tip our cans to swallow that litttle bit of relaxation. W need this Klonopin. by the time we leave here, both of us will be ready for a nap and won't understand how that can be as we will have forgotten about taking that Klonopin.

Right now my eyelids are getting heavy. The chemo running will be finished in about an hour and a half. Iam finding the button that areclines this chair. Covered in a warm blanket, I'm ready to take a nap.
I'm out of here.

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  1. lol..I really should proof read these chemo day posts. I think the Klonopin contributes to all the typos!


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