Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nuelasta on August 8th

What a day. The first thing on my agenda was the Blue Cross/Blue Shield. My labs now are running at 500.00 every 3 weeks. My blood is being watched very closely. I'll have a Nuelasta  injection tomorrow. This is to keep my white blood cells from falling and making me susceptible to any infection going around. My red blood cells are low. I thought I was just being lazy then as time went on I realized that all those breaks I needed were a symptom of not enough red blood cells to carry oxygen around my body. I'm not short of breath and for that I'm thankful. My insurance company has to approve the epogen injection I need. It, of course, is another expensive item.  I'm not lazy! I'm fatigued! Pshaw...really? I can rest without feeling guilt? Who knew? 

In the course of checking on a claim denied by Blue Cross, they explained to me the phrase "not covered  because of the  place of service". It was coded as an office visit which is not covered by my insurance company. After a little investigation it was discovered that the 500.00 charge was the charge for my labs. I was amazed to learn that as long as the labs were done on the same day as my chemo, the insurance company would cover them.  Ah, 1500.00 worth of lab costs were wiped out today from that one conversation. I was pumped. 

I have dreaded calling the insurance company about anything because of all the costs incurred by this sickness and the payments they have made. My insurance premium is 560.00 per month for both the husband and myself. It's the Blue Value plan that is a "catastrophic" policy. I'm sure I misspelled that word but I'm not going to obsess too much right now. The costs to them for this little policy has been catastrophic! I feel bad but at the same time I'm very grateful for the payments they have made. I try to think of all those years I paid a premium and never used my insurance policy. I've been a healthy person most of my life. My bone breaking years of skiing and soccer were years gone. 

After my conversation with the insurance company, I started on the yard. I've only been cutting the grass while the husband has been gone. Today it got the full treatment. Mowing, edging all the concrete and using the blower, I cleaned the patio, carport, sidewalks and driveways. It lookedmarvelous!

A quick shower and I was headed out to finish errands. A visit to State Farm Office, a stop by the bank and off to lunch. A huge chef salad with ham, boiled eggs adn lots of greens, this cold lunch was perfect.

My IPad is giving me fits. I have to reboot occasionally and on this blog, it wono't scroll down to let me see what I'm typing so it's a hit or miss propostion. I will have to clean this up on my lap top later so I'm tacking this to the end and hope it resembles something somebody can read. I'll fix it tomorrow. 

I'm waiting on the fatigue to hit.
I'm done here for now.  G'night.

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