Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ambien Will Getcha

Is it really fatigue or could it be the Ambien I swallowed before I decided I might not be ready for bed. The Ambien encourages me to not take that straight path but instead aim for the one full of corkscrew turns, narrow paths and filled with obstacles. If not for the Ambien, I believe I could conquer this silly course.

Right now I  might have trouble just ambulating to the bedroom and finding the right plane to coordinate with the plane of the bed. I really shouldn't be up and about after swallowing that Ambien. Judgement is off. Right foot in front of left foot, left foot now repeats the same maneuver.

See how easy this is? Bouncing off the hall way walls to get to the bed was planned. This has happened before and I've made it a point to always be beneath the sheets before I swallow that Ambien. It must be time for me to zig and a zag, a wiggle and a waller to get back down that hall to my bed.
This is  a good night to all. I'll check for bruises tomorrow!

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