Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shine On!

Showered and dressed, I was heading for Walmart. My short black skirt was topped by a white blouse with mid length sleeves. A crocheted black vest was worn over the blouse, a pair of shiny black sandals adorned my feet. I felt right spiffy.

My eyebrows had been filled in with some powder, the eyes lined and the lips rouged, I was ready for this adventure. I stopped by to pick up Pat for this trip. I might need the support of a friend.

You see, I was tossing the wig, the scarfs and the hats and venturing forth au naturelle.  My smooth hairless head was making it's debut in public. I wanted to be aware of the people's expressions as I wandered around the store. This was difficult to do as I actually forgot that I was bald.  I wandered the rows of the store and to my amazement, there wasn't a lot of head turning nor stares. People nodded and smiled and moved on.

I'm free! I can make a choice to go with or without a head covering. How liberating!  In time the hair will grow back. I'm going to enjoy just being. I"m sure I'll have days where I will want to wear a wig but for now, I'm satisfied with braving the public "as is".

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