Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long Distance and Family

I'm a big fan of technology. The more the better. The bigger the better! I remember when my mom was alive and talking to her on the telephone  was a treat. The minutes were closely monitored by the one making the call.  We had to be very careful about how many minutes we were on the phone. The minutes used could get expensive. I only wish the cell phones were as common then as they are today. With our unlimited calling plans, we could have spent time talking daily instead of weekly. Now it's nothing to pick up the phone and spend hours talking to friends miles away; thoughts of minute charges gone.

Skype is my friend. I've mentioned before about Skyping with my friend in Myrtle Beach.  Face Time on an iPhone works the same way and is used to see the husband when he is out of town..

Today I received a phone call from Germany. My niece called. We spent over an hour on the phone catching up for the past few years. I've talked to my two  brothers in WV and my sister in law in southern WV and my sister in North Carolina. Lots of health  issues are plaguing this family right now.  This week has been spent using some of those stacked up minutes on my cell phone.

I often think of my grandparents and what they would have thought with all this technology. I'm growing up with it and I'm still amazed. My seven year old granddaughter remembers nothing else but cell phones and computers and to her this is a way of life. To me, I'm still astonished at where I came from and where I am now.

Hurray for technology. At least I can feel as though the family is closer even separated by so many land miles!

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