Thursday, August 1, 2013

Louise and I and The Lunch Date

The phone rang with a lunch invitation. Louise thinks it is time for us to get together. Remember Louise? She is the oncology nurse that I worked with years ago on the unit. Tiny little, blue eyed Louise, of the soft voice and kind heart, everyone that meets her loves her.

When first diagnosed, Louise was the person I called with my tears and fears. She stopped what she was doing and immediately was at my door step. She accompanied the husband and the daughter and me to those first doctor's appointments, appeared at the bedside during surgery and post op. She works full time but still manages time to check on me and schedule a lunch date.

We agreed that she would appear at my house at 1100. Louise is always punctual. I waited for her wearing a house gown and holding a pair of shears in my hand.

I offered up the shears and asked her to shave my head. Big tears appeared in both our eyes; I quickly told her I didn't want this to be traumatic for her and if she felt bad about it she didn't have to do it. She was fearful of messing it up.

I said  "I doubt you can mess it up. If we cut it to the scalp, messing it up will be an impossibility."

I picked up the shears and turned them on and made a swipe above my right ear. At this Louise said

 "How about we go to a salon and just get it cut really short to kinda ease into this?"

We packed away the shears and that's exactly what was done. The salon scissor cut it to a pixie length.

In the days that followed, it has continued to fall at a rapid rate. Yesterday I slipped out of bed, grabbed the short wig and wiggled it onto my head. The remainder of the day, I forgot I had it on. Pat and I went shopping and from store to store, not a head turned to gawk. I forgot I had it on.

Pat and Kathy have both commented,

 "I like it better then your real hair!"

Not a hint of natural wave, the "hair" falls smoothly across my brow, the back fits snugly to the neckline. It's very short
and my natural color and easy to wear.

Today I'm going to try a ball cap. My cute neighbor wraps her hair up in a knot and dons one and looks wonderful wearing hers on days she doesn't have time to spend managing her hair.

Lunch with Louise was at The Olive Garden. I, occasionally ran my hand through my barely there hair but most of the time I forgot about hair and enjoyed catching up with Louise.

Louise's band will be kicking off some gigs this fall. I'll be watching the venue for this. Her husband is on the road to Nashville with The Little Band of Gold.

This weekend I hope to go to McGee's Landing to listen to the Magnolia Sisters. One of the band members I just met. She appeared as the financial advisor when I made an appointment for some investment advice at my bank. Her band was nominated for a Grammy.

These two ladies, Lisa/Magnolia Sisters and Louise/married to Dave Ranson/plays for Sonny Landreth, both got to walk the red carpet for the Grammy nominations a few  years back when there was a category for Cajun/Zydeco music.

The stories they told of their experience was hilarious. They are definitely not "Hollywood types".

I'm off to decide if it's a baseball cap sort of day, a scarf, a snood or a wig. Ah, decisions, decisions!

And yes, I'm fine now. I had to do a little adjustment there; have a few tears and get back up and move on. I have a lot of things I want to get done and there is no MORE time to waste with tears. I'm not saying we shouldn't have tears. I've had mine and I'm ready to move on.

I might just spend a few hours in this hot afternoon in a movie theatre. It's too hot to do much else!
I'm gone.

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