Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have I Mentioned Bugsy Lately?

I have pillows propped up shoulder high against the huge headboard of my bed. I've pulled the blinds up to reveal the view from my bedroom window. The thunder rumbles and the rain falls and the view is terrific. I enjoy rainy weather; at least for a while. 

I'm a lazy lady lately. A rainy afternoon, a remote control for the television within reach and a cold drink on the nightstand, I'm content.

And to the subject of Bugsy, I think I'm ready to post an update now. It has taken me a while to get to this point. My news is not one of frivolity. Bugsy is gone. Carrie left the door open and Bugsy took that opportunity to flee. We drove around the neighborhood looking for her but to no avail. We can only hope she found her way to a safe spot and her animal instincts kicked in to help her survive in the wild of a suburban neighborhood. I refuse to dwell on "what might have happened to her." I have an excellent imagination. I think of her often. Her food and water was left outside her condo in the event she might find her way back again. We continue to keep some hope alive that she might return.

Bugsy, should you find this message, know that I have a fresh bag of carrots here for you. No questions asked should you decide to come home.  We miss you....a lot.

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