Friday, August 16, 2013

And Duty Calls

I have had the laziest of weeks. Lots of boring TV and bedroom time. I'm not ill. I'm mostly bored. The husband has been home which is a good thing but the downside of this is he has spent all week on alert for a job so we have sat here waiting and waiting. The call finally came and he will be leaving tomorrow morning.

I was having cabin fever. The daughter called requesting use of the weed eater and I was more then happy to escape to her house to do some lawn work. She did most of the work while I sat on the deck and enjoyed the shade and the slight breeze that wafted through on occasion.

Returning home I climbed aboard the lawn tractor and mowed both front and back lawns. Collecting Carrie from school was just another excuse to do something! I'm seriously thinking about looking for a part time job. I say that then I think about giving up any of my freedom and I shy away.
Carrie is spending the night. We went to the concrete pad and volleyed some tennis balls. She is improving on her swing and is excited about her progress. We played until it became to dark to see the ball. I think I'm going to line off that concrete pad with some chalk so we can have a mini tennis court. It will be enough to help us to perfect our aim. It's great hearing her giggle when I get slapped in the face with the ball. Did I mention we are working on our aim?

Right now it's time to get her dressed for bed and her wet hair dried. Tomorrow she has a birthday party to attend. The party is at the Kart Ranch; a place all the children enjoy.

Hopefully, when the husband's next job is over, we can plan a trip some where. The children will all be back in school, the beaches and motels will be empty and this is my favorite time to vacation!

For now, I'm settling in again with that television! Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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