Friday, August 2, 2013

Transition is Over, I have Arrived

Ok, so Louise and I went to the salon and had the pixie cut. Well, Louise kept her long thick golden hair, while I was the one getting the pixie.

For the next two days, I would run my fingers through Miss Pixie cut and retrieve handfuls of it. I would stack in a pile at the bedside  and continue to lift more away from my skull.

You've seen elderly gentlemen with that fine mist of hair covering their skull but clearly see through to the roots? That was me.

Following the Pixie cut, I donned a wig the next day just to get used to it. I still had hair. I did well and forgot I had it on and Pat and I shopped around town. Yesterday I pulled out the engineer's hat and gave that a whirl. The hat is not striped but solid black. It's design reminds me of the blue and white striped engineers caps. With much eyeliner and bright lipstick, I was told it looked great. Meanwhile I'm still removing handfuls of hair when I run my fingers across my skull.

Carrie came to stay last night. I was apprehensive about her reaction. She was prepared by her mother and took it well. She did say, as she lay beside me in bed watching a movie, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" I asked.

"Sorry that you lost your hair. It will be alright Nonny."

..and that was the end of the hair discussion.

This morning, I had had enough of hair. I took the shears and stood in front of the bathroom mirror and buzzed it to the scalp. I have a LOT of head or maybe I should say a lot of face?

I've made the transition. I'm done. I've tried to post a pic of my new "do" but so far I've been unable to get a pic from my iPhone into email so I could upload it from here on my laptop! Check back. Hopefully I will be able to update this with a photo.


  1. Was it easier to get the hair off a little at a time? The wigs are so much nicer these days and with cute styles. Everyone that I have known that had chemo looked pretty cute wigging it out. Thinking of you.

  2. Not really Joan..because two days after it was cut, so much of it came out and on the second day after the cut I buzzed it. I knew it was time.


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