Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Waiting in The Waiting Room

Three weeks zoom by and it's once again time for me to be tanked up with chemicals. My appointments are scheduled early with the first one meeting with the oncologist.

Her over bright smile and over whitened teeth are the first thing you notice as she enters the room. Laptop in hand she greets us and surveys the atmosphere. It's best to go with the temperature of the room when one is working that same room. Much like an entertainer, the doctor gauges the emotions and proceeds.

Questions are broached, answers are extended and the interview quietly comes to a halt. The blood tests are surveyed and discussed and this meeting is over. I'll visit the business office to pay for this visit since it is not covered in my insurance policy then I'll move to the waiting room once again to await my call to the infusion center.

Through the swinging doors, I plow with all my entertainment stuff that will keep me occupied for the 3 hrs it takes to get the infusion.

She sits tall and straight directly in the chairs in the middle of the room. A tall woman around mid thirties, she quietly waits her turn. Her cotton shirt and Levi jeans bore a soft casual look to her calm appearance.

I've seen this woman the last time I was here. She sits there with her bald head uncovered, a high shine on her pate, makeup on and a healthy tan to her face and head. Usually her 10 yr. old son accompanies her.

This time I was going to touch base with her. I walked over and bent down to her eye level and asked
"Do you mind if I ask you a question?"

She smiled her  beautiful lips pulled back to expose even perfectly molded teeth and said
"Why of course not!"

"Do you go everywhere without a head scarf, wig or cap? Do you go shopping and out to eat without covering your skull?"

She grinned and said
"Yep, everywhere! I get lots of hugs and prayers from people that see me."

And there folks, is the best reason to let er shine!
I admire this young woman's candor; her "this is me, take it or leave it" attitude.

As we talked on the walk back to the infusion room, she shared that she was engaged when she was diagnosed and he immediately broke the engagement and moved on.
One always wonders in situations like this what the other partner in a relationship would do. Though I have been with my husband for over 30 yrs. the anxiety is still there.

How well do you really know the person you are with? I'm grateful that I have a husband that is very supportive and caring and protective of me right now.

It's ok if I feel like doing nothing around the house. "REST" he insists. "I'll do it for you. Go sit down."

When my hair fell out he was out of town. To prepare him, I sent picture updates as it was happening and then the day came where it was shaved. Not a flicker of disgust, he said "It's just hair. I love you for more then your hair."
He was gone on a long job. After arriving home and assuring me all was well, he has slipped into his usual banter and jokes. Now it's "Kojak, can you dim the light on that head of yours?"
Tonight he hold me he actually preferred the "no hair look".

We shall see how this unfolds. I'm getting braver every day. Now I wonder around the front yard in all my baldness and wave and smile as the neighbors drive or jog by.

One more hurdle leaped and survived. Today and hopefully tomorrow, I savor the days.

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