Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Afternoon, Rain and Humidity

I'm resting yet again. Early this morning I focused on a few chores and fresh linens on my bed was high on my list of things to get done. I was breathless by the time I had finished. I do not let this distress me as I know it's the low red blood cells that cause this. I slow down a bit or take a short break and then continue on with what I'm trying to do.

Earlier then the bed making, I watered. This takes over an hour to do. I set the sprinkler to one area for 10 minutes, set an alarm and move it to another area for another 10 minutes. My ferns are lovely and I want them to stay that way. I've been keeping up with the watering all through this summer. The asparagus fern and the fox tail ferns are something to be proud of, especially since I usually slack off on these duties as the summer wears on and they always suffer from my neglect.

And then it rained. It rained all afternoon. It rained as I changed the linen on the bed. From the floor to ceiling window in my bedroom, I watched it splash huge fat drops on the concrete driveway that adjoins our lawn. I could hear it pinging off the air conditioner unit. The red hibiscus beneath the window was bathed in wetness, the leaves glistening as the dust was washed off them. We needed this rain. The grass will need to be mowed tomorrow. It springs up quickly after a little moisture.

Dinner will be "out". I don't know where but I do know there will be no cooking in my kitchen today. This is the husband's idea and who am I to argue? I'm too lazy to do dishes. I'm not to lazy to get dressed for dinner.

I'm done for now.
and I'm gone.

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