Thursday, August 15, 2013


A few weeks ago his wife called to tell me he was ill and in the hospital. His payment was due for his past lifestyle and this she was well aware of. She sounded calm and quietly relayed all the information she knew on his condition. I listened, quietly forming a mental image of this cousin that I had not seen for over 10 years.

We started our life journey relatively close in earth miles. He would visit with his parents the weekly trips to our grandmother's house. Typically in those days family stayed close and ours did for a while. Eventually his family moved to Ohio and ours moved to another county in WV and there went the divide in our lives. He grew up and into the Navy then lived most of his life in Seattle, Washington. Years and miles separated us but for a few phone calls on holidays.

With his Rick Nelson looks, he enjoyed a very social life. He was a very likeable fellow, with his easy going attitude he gathered many friends.

As with most of my family, the next set of cousins were again separated by miles and time. There isn't much closeness between them and now as they all are middle aged, the gap widens.

My cousin passed away yesterday at 0700 hrs in Tennessee. His wife passed the word to me and I notified his cousins. A memorial service will be held which will be attended by the people they know there in Tennessee. Rest in peace cousin. I regret all the miles between us. I'm saddened at your passing. May you ride the silvery clouds to a safe warm pain free place.

You are part of my history and memory.

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