Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Friend John

In a school far away on a planet called Earth, I attended elementary school, middle school and high school. Those days seem as far away as that school now. I wasn't the most conscious person of my surroundings or the people that inhabited them. Thinking back, I seldom inquired as to even what my friends did for a living. Did some of them even have a job? Apparently to me it wasn't an important part of conversation. After making it through high school, again if people disappeared to pursue jobs out of state or to one of the colleges for some higher education, I didn't question the void. Really, I never noticed. My tiny circle of friends came and went and I didn't stay around that small town for many more years. Wanderlust, that evil bewitching temptress was always whispering in my ear. I wanted to wander and that I did.

Yesterday a call from the past found me clutching my phone and trying to decipher who was on the other end.

John, an old friend from school days has decided to call. It was a relieve hearing his voice. He had been admitted into a rehab facility and he knew I was concerned about his health. We chatted for a while; he informing me of the current changes in his life. I had my turn sharing my boring week, I listened closely for yawns but John is much to polite to belittle a conversation by yawning. It was such a relief to get this call. I had seen on FB where his family had noted his hospital stay and since I had just talked with him a few days earlier and he assured me he was fine, I immediately suspected some emergency condition and him being in critical condition. My mind, she does go into overdrive doesn't she? I'll be connecting more often with him to follow his progress. What are old friends for huh?

The husband just poured a cup of sweetened with creamer coffee in his large, tall black insulated travel mug. A kiss on the top of my slick head and he was out the door. He has a 4 hour drive in front of him which is nothing compared to some of the trips he has to take. A possible 10 day job, he will give me a better update when he gets to location. I might drop the top on the roadster and try to get some tan on my previously covered with hair head. How cool will it look to see a bald headed female zipping down the highway in a bright red roadster with the top down, the sunlight bouncing off the dome of her head? I might have to tie a long scarf on so the ends can be caught by the air streaming over the car. I might drive the Grand Marquis instead....

A tropical storm is in the Gulf. We are expecting weather that won't be compatible with a roofless roadster. I'm going to play it by ear.

Speaking of a bald pate and it did come up in conversation here didn't it?  I want to note a strange experience, at least for me.

As the daughter and I left Walmart, the clouds had slipped in while we were in the store and were dumping copious amounts of rain in huge fat drops that were directed by the wind that came in with the storm. As we stepped out of the store to make the dash to the car, those huge fat raindrops pounded my hairless head. It was such a strange feeling but not an unpleasant one. I didn't worry about stringy wet hair streaming water down my clothes. The drops hitting my skull washed down the sides of my face and over the front of my face as I reached up to whisk the off my brow. I enjoyed the walk in this warm rain. The thunk, thunk, thunk sound as it hit my head made me grateful this was a rain storm and not a hail storm. Note to self in the future: pack a little cap in purse in the event of hail.

I'm experiencing many changes as everyone does on any journey they take. That's part of the trip; the experiences on the way and this is the place I note those experiences.

Carrie climbed out of her bed last night when she realized I wasn't sleeping with her and crept into Poppie's bed asking "Where is Nana?"

"Nana is on the sofa." he replied, 'now go to sleep. I have to work tomorrow."

Carrie remains there right now and I'll leave her undisturbed for as long as possible. She has a party to attend today so we will be busy for a couple of hours.

By late this afternoon, I will find out if I'm going to be enjoying motel and pool in another town. The husband will call with an update and that will determine where I will be.

We have tropical storms headed this way. Some can be vicious without being categorized as a hurricane. They bring lots of rain and wind and some up front cooler weathers followed by horrid humidity. Ah, August, you bitch! You are waning and I, for one, am ecstatic. It signals the end of summer heat though logically I know it really won't cool down enough until October. The temperatures will start to mellow out a bit and slight drops will be noted. I'm always ready for this time of year.

It's time for another cup of coffee and some more news updates. I'm beneath a soft brown plaid blanket, feather pillow beneath my elbow, ready to relax for a few more hours until Carrie barrels out of bed to start my day. Carrie always has plans on things to do. Sitting around the house is not on her bucket list. I'm sure she started one of those lists as she always is ready to try something new.

I'm ready to slip down into a reclining position, tag that plaid blanket and slip back into sleep.

I'm done here and I'm gone.

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