Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th/ Chemo on August 6th

Three weeks have quickly passed and it's time once again to spend a few hours at the clinic. Cytoxin and Taxtera time. I'm noting this on my blog so I can reference back to it should I need dates and times.

I've spent most of the day on the road with Pat. We are still working on her mobile home for her son's return. It's kept my mind occupied most of this day and this evening was spent with a guest and Carrie. Carrie and I hit a few tennis balls using the racket I found at the Goodwill Store. What a bargain!  1.99 per racket and one of them was made by Head. I used to ski on Head ski's. I didn't know they manufactured anything other then ski equipment. My Head racket  blue and I found a pink racket which is smaller and just right for Carrie.

Pat had to go to Goodwill and I tagged along. I ended up buying more then Pat. The tennis rackets were my big score!

We made a pot of sticky chicken tonight. It's more commonly known as chicken stew and it was delicious. Chicken stew is much like gumbo but the roux is thicker and there is no sausage in it. While Carrie was busy at the counter painting wooden Christmas tree ornaments, I was at the stove. All in all, a good day and a great afternoon with friends and family.

It's way past my bedtime. I'm ready to snuggle down and get some rest. The husband is leaving Texas and heading directly to another job in northern Louisiana. I'll meet him there on Friday and hang out while he does that job. I'm out of here and to bed. It's been a long day!

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