Monday, August 19, 2013

The Pigeon Has Flown or Part 6 of Scammer story

I've lost my bird. She appears to have given up, at least on me. I'm sure she is busily answering correspondence from other potential buyers.  After my request (see post #5) for another Ebay Invoice, not another word was heard. Was it the fact that questioning Ebay tipped her off or scared her off?
Or maybe she moved on to EASIER pickings.

Craigslist is still sprinkled with more of them. Sometimes they get flagged by the readers and get removed. I've found a car on the Lafayette, La. Craigslist and then gone to another state  and searched their cars and found the same car listed there.  Craigslist issues warnings on how to detect these scams  though I doubt many people make it to that area int their reading. I might have to find another one and tickle the keyboard to make their life a little less profitable. Ending this with "Buyer Beware" and bury that greed. If it sounds to good to be true.............

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