Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Schedule is Not Yours?

I plug my cell phone in at night to charge. I never ever forget to do this especially since the date that I cancelled the house phone. The cell is my only phone connection to the outside world so it has to be fully charged. It's left on the sofa table behind the sofa in the living room. Should there be an emergency call during the night, you would be out of luck. It might be fair warning to you, that if you are stumbling out of the bars late at night and need a ride home I won't hear you should you choose to ring my cell after 2100 hrs. Break down? Same thing.  

I naturally assume that the whole world operates as I do so when I woke at 0300 hrs this morning and moved myself to the sofa, I was wide awake. My replacement used cell phone that I ordered from Ebay arrived yesterday and what better time to add new numbers to it then 0300 hrs in the morning? Carrie is in bed. The husband is asleep and nobody has any demands on me. No chocolate milk needed. No "hey, where is my....." from the husband. No interruptions and I can concentrate on adding numbers and names. I needed to check all the functions of this used phone in the event that it was defective and I might have to return it to the seller.
 By 0400 hrs I had finished with my phone contacts, checked my email, checked Facebook and read some news articles on the web.
It was at this time that I started sending text messages to friends' cell phones. Checking functions of this phone.  I assumed they would be asleep and when they awoke, they would see these texts and reply. I'm also assuming their cell phones aren't at their bedsides.

Big news flash here for ya. Not everyone loses contact with the world when they retire for the night. I'm sending pictures of a sofa to Ms. K. in WV at 0400 hrs  and right away she answers with a text. I'm concerned. What is she doing up at this hour? I text her and ask. Her reply?  "Answering you."   Ahhhhhhhhhhh....ooooops!
I texted back "Sorry." and laid the cell phone down. If you received a picture of a sofa at an ungodly hour this morning, I would like to take this time to apologize. Could you let me know if you received it? You know I'm checking the functions on that cell phone?

It's barely 0600 hrs here and I need a nap. Carrie will be up soon and sleep will be an unanswered wish. 

It's 59 degrees here right now and I'm debating on taking the Trek (bike) for an early morning spin around the neighborhood. Rain is forecast for later in the day and I've been grounded from riding my bike because of the artic blast of cold air during the last week. Maybe I'll wait until the sun comes up and the temps reach the predicted 70 degrees? 

Maybe I'll try to catch a few more hours of sleep.


  1. I always have my mobile phone next to my bed at night and if I was to get a call in the middle of the night I'd be worried...I would think it was an emergency of some kind.

    So...not everyone shares your schedule...ooops! :-)

  2. Aren't you glad you aren't in my phone "contact" list Linda? Lol..


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