Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday and College Bowls

I'm sitting here with sweat running in rivulets down my body. My face, I'm sure is red, and slicked with sweat too. The husband and I just got back from a bike ride. One half of that ride was great. It was the return part of the ride that sucked. Into the wind, we struggled to pedal and that's when I realized why the "going" part of this ride was so nice. That wind that was holding us back now was before pushing us along.

The bikes are parked and I'm inside cooling down  while watching  the WVU/Rutgers game and on this one I have to cheer for WVU.
Soon I will drop the top on the roadster and spin around in it for a while today  before the 20 degree temps arrive this coming week. It's hard to believe that in a few more days I'll be  shedding my bike shorts for much warmer stuff and my bike and rag top will be out of business for a while. This is typical of our winters. We never pack away our summer clothes; we just move them farther back in the chest of drawers.

The daughter, who unlike me, likes to cook, just came by with a sample of her kitchen trial on a sandwich served by Bennigan's restaurant. The Monte Cristo.  We used to call it "a heart attack in a sandwich". It's a breaded deep fried ham and cheese sandwich covered in powdered sugar and  served with loganberry jelly. The Bennigan's closed down here and was replaced by the Tiltin' Kilts which I've mentioned in a previous post so she surfed the web and found a recipe for the Monte Cristo. Tomorrow she will attempt to recreate the chicken gnocchi soup that is served at The Olive Garden. We both enjoy the lunch special there of "soup and salad" refills unlimited. I'm waiting on soup for lunch tomorrow. It will compliment the weather we are anticipating.

Ebay. It's been years since I've bought anything from Ebay and just in the past week, I've made two purchases. An Ebay store had a pair of boots the husband had been searching for and I found a replacement for my Samsung Impression cell phone. I don't have an upgrade due until July of 2012 which leaves me using the cheesy little Nokia.
I like the Samsung and but for the moisture I subjected it to, it would still be working fine today. Since I have the car charger and house charger for it, I am attempting to replace it with one from EBay. The problem with Ebay phones? Sometimes they are intended for China and unless you are fluent in Chinese, you may have a problem setting the functions on it. I'll have 30 days to return it. I'll be watching for strange symbols, weird crosses and unidentifiable dots and dashes and an accent. 
It's fajitas for dinner with refried beans. I'm not the cook so that makes the dinner even sweeter. I can watch Auburn and South Carolina battle it out and later tonight S. Florida and UConn which will determine if WVU gets to go to the Fiesta Bowl. I find college bowls confusing to say the very least. The husband remembers the games from last year. I can barely keep up with the games for this season.

I'm gone. Dinner, a quick shower and some warm pajamas, some chilled wine and I'm calling it a day.
I'm done.

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