Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Want How Much??

The temperature topped out at 72 degrees. Sunshine, no rain as predicted and it was time to escape these four walls. I debated on my escape and settled on the roadster after watching the trees here swaying in the wind. A bike ride would have been considered but for the breeze. Riding against the wind on that bike is not what I will be doing today.

In a few minutes, I had dropped the top on the car, plugged in the GPS and dialed in an address. I eased out of the carport, swung a hard left on the street and was sailing along. As I crossed the city I noted all the other drivers in their open air vehicles. Traffic, as usual, was heavy but I wasn't in a hurry.

I wove my way to a little adjoining area called Scott and my trusty GPS found the shop that was my destination. It had been a year since I found this place and only after searching Google was I able to get to it this time.
I had talked with Mr. Romero at his  upholstery shop about doing a face lift on my sofa. I could order another exact duplicate of this sofa for around $3000.00  but the problem I had with the one  I have now would still exist. The metal bands across the base of this sofa gave out after about 5 yrs. at which time I had the carpenter do a repair. The fabric remains in great condition but the sofa cushions are a bit tired. I can't find another sofa that I want to live with. The seat area on this one is deep and perfect for a tall person. My solution is to have this one recovered. Mr. Romero has promised me that when he finishes with it, it will be more sturdy then when it was ordered from Thomasville. 

I remember when I bought my Chevelle. It was 1971 and one could order the 1972 models. This time out, I wasn't looking for a muscle car but one that was economical to operate. 
I ordered a 350 engine, basic package and an automatic transmission.  It cost $3500.00 and had an engine and 4 wheels. I haven't tried to drive this sofa anywhere though  I still think it should have a starter, engine and tires.  For $3500.00 you nor I won't be able to find anything with an engine and tires. Amazing what that much money won't buy you now.

I am beginning to sound like my parents and grandparents when I reflect back on how it was. I remember my parents mentioning a ridiculously low price on some of the things they purchased in their youth and I would think "gosh...are they old or what??"

I have arrived. I cringe at the thought of the cost of this sofa until I looked at a Henredon for $6000.00 and and the sweet young sales girl looked at me and actually smiled as she said "ONLY $6000.00! It's on sale today."
I coughed a bit after inhaling too quickly, thanked her and left her store.

I'm too old to shop at today's prices. I still think I should have received a key and been able to fill the tank when I received this sofa.
I'm done.   


  1. I'm too old for UK prices too. As I now think in Turkish lira, on my trips to the UK I am always shocked when I convert to sterling!

  2. I know what you mean about prices Charlotte when we tell anyone that Dad bought our house & one 1 acre for $11,000 cash they just laugh and you know they think we are lying, two years ago we built two small rooms on the back and I finished the inside myself and it cost nearly $20,000. I bought a new Ford PU in 1974 for

  3. John and Linda: I have sticker shock on everything. The husband was stearing me toward buying a new camaro and urging me to go drive one. I took a look at the price and balked.
    When my Chevelle was purchased in 71, our paychecks were a lot smaller then too but it's all relative or should be though I don't think our paychecks today have kept up with the price of product.
    Maybe I need to get out more?


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