Monday, December 20, 2010

In The Homestretch

What, you may ask, have I been doing since the 17th, Dec., which was the last day I posted anything on this, my daily memory.
Christmas is just 5 days away. I haven't baked a cookie nor a cake nor a candy. I don't stress myself about spending time in the kitchen. This town prides itself on it's food and it's bakeries. To  support the economy, I shop these places and at the same time, it keeps me out of the kitchen. See how this works for everybody involved?
Oh, I can hear you now making those silly comments about the house filled with the aromas of holiday baking. I have tart warmers that I fill with a oil called "Sugar Cookies".
The candy dishes are filled. The french bakeries supply the cookies and cakes and I have a stress free holiday.
Today Carrie and I had our little shopping trip. The Dollar Tree is a store that has for sale nothing over one dollar per item. I followed Carrie around the store and watched as she selected items for the important people in her life. It was interesting to note the things she chose. A lighted Yo Yo for Shane's son and a pack of pencils for Shane. A plastic shiny saber for her brother and shampoo and conditioner for her sister. A small Santa statue for her mother and a box of cookies for her Poppy; a pretty bottle of hand soap for her Nanny Carol and she was ready to hurry home to wrap her gifts.
She chose the paper at the Dollar Store, some bows and tape. We were ready.
I refrained from helping her too much. She didn't want my help in making neat packages. I stepped back and let her wrap them without my interference. It's not about how well the packages appear but that she did them herself. This part was a little difficult for me.

To label them, I printed the To: and the From: on a piece of paper and she copied the names onto her packages. We packed up all her gifts and her brother collected her.
The remainder of my evening has been spent online and outdoors. I'm watching for the eclipse of the full moon and that's where I'm headed now for one last look before I climb into bed. I doubt that I stay up to witness it but I did have all intentions of doing just that.
I'm done. One last trip to check out the moon and then I'm off to bed.

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  1. We have similar shops here...called "million" shops. Several years ago the zeros were dropped from the Turkish lira, so 1 new Turkish lira used to be 1 million Turkish lira. But the shops didn't move with the times and the name has stuck. You can get some wonderful bargains for 1 lira and they are ideal for children looking for gifts. Lovely for Carrie to do her own gift shopping and wrap everything herself...makes it so much more exciting for her.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Charlotte Ann xxx


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