Sunday, December 5, 2010

And a Day Later, A Big Difference

Just yesterday the kids were on their skateboards, the walkers were walking and the joggers were missing or maybe they just didn't jog down my street. The bikers, both motorized and the pedalers, were cycling and biking together. 
 The weather was a wonderful fall day and even the big maple tree in the front yard recognized it. The leaves on that tree have finally turned a golden/tan/green and instead of a few leaves falling, I expect truckloads to start descending. It's about time. I hope they all escape to the ground at once so I can grind them up with the lawn mower and be done with it.

Yesterday I dropped the top on the roadster and zipped around for a while listening to the radio, knowing that today and the upcoming week would bring that cold air from Canada.
Hey you there. Listen up. If I wanted 20 degree temps, I wouldn't be tolerating, though barely, the summer temperatures and the humidity here in the south. I tolerate those summers so I can enjoy the mild winters that we expect. Freezing temperatures and that would be 32 degrees F. are not acceptable and 20 degrees is just obscene.

I made a trip to Walmart this morning and watched as some walked around in their sweat shirts, head hunched down into the necklines of those sweat shirts to avoid the cold air. There was one young mother wearing her capris and still another in a pair of shorts with a light jacket. We are a diversified bunch here. We, apparently, are not willing to give up the summer clothes. I have went from bike shorts yesterday to sweat pants and sweat shirt today. That's the best I can do.
It now feels a lot like the season, both football and Christmas. I had to restock on egg nog. I still had some Capt'n Morgans spiced rum that I wanted to finish off. I'm working on it as we speak.
It's been football and chili and chilly today.
I'm ready for a hot shower and a warm bed.
I'm done.


  1. Be happy NO squeaked out a win. I think 20 degrees is what Canadians call spring. Be one with your environment, grasshopper.

  2. watched that game? You heard me cursing?


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