Friday, December 3, 2010


I had such an exciting day. Doing what, you may ask?
Gazing into the screen of this laptop consumed my morning and a king size bed captured my afternoon. I slept, watched the T.V. and slept some more.

Tomorrow, the temperatures are to reach the 70's and hopefully I'll be back on my bike rolling around the neighborhood. If I don't ride, I have a low energy level and I end up lazing around all day.
The roadster has been enjoying a break too. It's too cold to drop the top, so she stays parked until it warms up a bit.
I've been watching the weather reports on the snow that pounded Buffalo, New York and as I peek out the window to our snowless landscape, I can  appreciate more the winters we enjoy here. The pictures of the stranded motorists brings back memories of a winter in Pennslyvania and the notice to transfer to Texas. Caught in a blizzard and stuck on interstate with my mother and daughter, we crept down interstate following the long slow line of traffic. Eventually that slow drive developed into a total standstill and there we sat for hours. The State Police would cruise by and check the drivers for how much gas they had to keep their vehicles running. It was a long night during a blizzard.
It was just too boring to even publish yesterday. Today doesn't look much better in the excitement area. Maybe I need to break out of this house for a while. I'm in a slow mode right now. It is what it is. I may need to take a blog break. I do know one thing.
I'm done. 


  1. Break out of the house, Charlotte Ann and tell me about the 70-degree weather! Do an ol' Minnesota gal a favor!!



  2. Having arrived back home from England last night, I really do appreciate our winters. England was just soooo cold..I really can't cope with it!

  3. Ayak: I used to live in Wyoming....cold winters, lots of snow..and..I don't WANT to cope with it!


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