Sunday, December 26, 2010

Without You Tube

I have an obsession or maybe it's an addiction. It's You Tube. How did I ever survive without You Tube at the touch of a key here on the world wide web.

Today I wanted to cook a prime rib roast. I looked up the cooking time for the lbs of meat I had purchased. Time and temperature. I have it. Maybe I should investigate this further.  I don't cook a prime rib roast every day nor even every month. It's a Christmas treat. A feast of Christmas that surpasses a ham or a pork roast, though I'm fond of both.
I dialed in You Tube and did a search which offered me a number of videos to view.

From cooking to surgery to watching music videos, I can search randomly for random items and watch for hours. Try typing into their search column whatever pops into your brain. Carrie and Ted love typing in "funny animals" and watching cats sailing though the air and smacking into walls or windows, stuck in trees and falling off of furniture.

I can hear a tune on the radio and catch some of the lyrics and can't remember the song or the artist. I quickly type in a few words of the lyrics and a music video is offered along with other songs by the same artist. I can waste more hours listening and watching. 

Before I had the achilles tendon/spur surgery, I searched You Tube. I watched as the surgeon made his first cut and to the end where he sutured that cut back together. I like to be informed.

Today I was reminded of another web site that is entertaining.
You can search your locality for topics the local people are discussing or extend your view of topics miles away.
Maybe I spend too much time on the web. I won't even get into traveling with Google Earth.
I love me some You Tube.


  1. Well you might recall that Youtube was recently "unbanned" in Turkey. I had never used it until then because I wasn't using the internet before it was banned. What a revelation! Yes I too am addicted!

  2. I knew you would be! I have this feeling that we are much alike. Loved the blog on bloger....and cyber friends. I have the same experiences and it was great to see it in print..your print!


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