Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tech Stuff

I tickled the mouse pad on this laptop until my cyber world appeared on the screen. My Google page has an application where one can list different cities around the world and their current temperatures, both lows and expected highs.
Currently for Lafayette, La. it is 28 degrees. Let me take a moment here to pause, haul myself off the sofa and open the front door. I imagine the ground covered in snow, the trees drooping from the weight of a wet white blanket, the streetlights revealing the white powder like flakes haloed by the darkness. I can hope.

Be aware. I would love to see a snow covered yard, trees and bushes but since I'm placing a wish, I want to add some perimeters. No snow on the roads, a temperature at 32 degrees for a day and then we can ratchet  the temps back up to 75, no wind and not a flake of snow to be seen any longer and let the mild winter regain it's normalcy. We are headed that way by this upcoming weekend. Snow is not forecast for today. I don't have to get up and look outside. My Google page  has spoken. I'll do it anyway. You never know about those weather predictions by the experts do you? 
I'm going to get dressed and out of this house for a while today. I'll join the wild crowds of Christmas shoppers, sip a cup of coffee at the mall food court and people watch.

I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of the Ebay order. The Samsung Impression cell phone replacement should be here this week.  Since it's coming out of Pampano Florida, it should arrive quickly depending on when the seller packaged and got it to the post office for shipment. The cell phone I'm using now doesn't hold a charge for 24 hrs. and doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard which I had to  become familiar with. Texting you know. We all do it. I dislike texting. If  I wanted to send a letter, I would use an envelope and a stamp. It's a phone people? Remember all that technology that went into creating an appliance where two people's voices could travel over a phone line and wonder of wonders, you could hear that person talk? Of course you don't remember the time of the smoke signals across the plains  nor the drums beating out a message through the jungles do you? You probably don't even remember the dial phones?  What a move forward. From cords to  cordless to cells on satelite. The freedom of travel and still staying in touch with family and friends. A parent's tether to their children.
Texting is a regression to me. Besides the time it takes to type it, the time to find your glasses to read it, I'm all out of patience with texts. Just pick up the phone and "tell it to me" . Use your voice. Leap forward and enjoy voice technology. Can you imagine if texting was developed before the actual "voice" calls? Nobody would be texting. Whose idea was it to slide backward and take voice phones with them?
I am looking forward to getting my old type phone back with the QWERTY keyboard for texting. Though I think texting is redundant, my family seems to think it's the only way to communicate and if I have to text, using a numerical keyboard only adds to my frustration. If ya can't beat em and it's illegal, plus they are a little to large for a beating, then I suppose I have to bend a little in their direction and text.
I can place a call to them and nobody answers. I can text and get an immediate response. I grit my teeth shake my head and text.
The light of day has crept in and I can sit here and see the rooftop of the house across the street. The black shingles are white and sparkling in the first light of day. A heavy frost has coated the flowers, lawn and houses.  Look quickly. The sun will have chased it away by noon.
I'm out of here to get dressed and wait for the temperatures to get to the predicted 56 degrees before I make an escape from this house.

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  1. I hate to be agreeable but I agree 100 % on the texting. Now I know how to agravate you but there two things holding me back I hate to do it and I don't have your cell # so you are safe. lol


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