Saturday, December 25, 2010

Eve of and Christmas Day

The eve of Christmas:
I sit here slouched in the big comfy chair, laptop opened, I could crawl into bed. Instead we are trying to decide where to have dinner.

Dare we try to maneuver these streets on Christmas Eve? Today will mark the end of sunshine and warmth for the next few days. From 65 degrees today to 48 degrees on Christmas day, there will be no biking for another week. It could be worse. It could be snow forecast!

Christmas Day:

Wrapping paper, boxes and bows litter the floor. Toys scattered around her, she sits among the debris of the celebration. She excitely shows me her Justin Beber doll. The one where you touch his tummy and he begins to bleat her favorite song. Her eyes drill into that dolls eyes and a smile slits her face from ear to ear. Ah, the crush of youth. I watch her and marvel at how much advertising and saturation of the media with Mr. Beber to cause a 5 yr old to be this enamored of him.
From the doll, she moves to her new bike. Though  she isn't allowed to ride it through the house, she does anyway. No one scolds too harshly her behavior. After all, it is Christmas.
Ted unwrapped his new XBox and hugging it to his chest, he headed for his bedroom. Soon he returns, with his old XBox packed in it's box and hands it to his sister. His gift to her, it's still warm from being plugged in and recently used by him.
She smiles hugely and is happy that he is passing along this as his gift to her. His old XBox is but a few months old. I'm happy that he was willing to gift it to his sister. This makes me grin hugely too.
The daughter is peeling shrimp for the grill, rolls are rising and a holiday feast will begin soon. Soon everyone will feast and then the afternoon will be spent at the theatre. This is tradition; I will have Carrie with me.
It's cold and windy, results of the rain that blew through here last night. The cold is welcome. It's Christmas Day after all and this temperature enhances this holiday.
Merry Christmas to all. I'm done.

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