Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let The Holidays Begin

I have a large bottle of Captain Morgan's spiced rum and a liter of Borden's egg nog. I'm ready. Let the holiday begin.

Today the daughter and I made one stop and almost finished up my Christmas shopping. I'll sip Capt'n and egg nog while I do some gift wrapping in the days to follow. I'll just start sipping now.

Earlier today I started simmering a pot of brown beans to go with the enchiladas I planned on serving tonight. Sipping my drinks, enjoying the buzz I had going on, I almost enjoyed being in the kitchen. My friend Denise says cooking relaxes her. I roll my eyes cause she's on the phone and can't see my expression, and I'm thankful for people that like to cook. I've enjoyed meals at her house and it's evident that she enjoys cooking. It would be best should you receive an invitation from each of us for dinner, you accept her invitation and ignore mine. Trust me on this. I cuss a lot while in the kitchen and that's never a good sign of a good cook.

The lights were hung around the perimeter of the house by the husband while I was out spending his paycheck. Sounds fair to me. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

Carrie didnt' visit today and she was missed. She loves the Christmas tree and I find her removing some of the decorations for play. The large tasseled hangings, she likes to take off the tree and twirl them around, use them to tickle her Poppy's face to later be left abandoned on the sofa or chair. This morning I tidied up and removed her fingerprints from the glass topped coffee table. The house is neat but oh so quiet. Her laughter, along with her finger prints remain at her house. I debate on going to pick her up and bring her here. Maybe I'll just curl up on this corner of the sofa with another  spiced rum and egg nog after I change into some warm flannel pajamas.
I'm ready to do nothing for the evening and after another spiced egg nog, that's what I'll be best at doing.
I'm done. 


  1. You are certainly getting into the Christmas spirit Charlotte Ann!

    Just popping in to say Hi and let you know I'm reading when I can. Normal commenting will resume sometime next week xxx

  2. Drink the eggnog and send me the Captain.

  3. Linda! How nice to see you around. I know you are on hoiiday in the UK. Enjoy yourself.

  4. Buffalo: can one drink egg nog WITHOUT the rum? What a novel idea...


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