Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20 minutes tops

It's 0100hrs and about 10 minutes ago I swallowed an Ambien. I'm thinking this will be a really short post as it usually takes about 20 minutes for that little white pill to kick in and send me sailing away into dreamland.

I've had a busy day in excellent weather. The leafs from the maple were piled against the house burying the purple and yellow pansies. My goal was to fire up the lawn tractor and run down every leaf and  grind it to a find powder. First I had to use the blower to clear them from the flower beds, porch and patio. Frost bitten flowers, dried, brown and frozen from the 32 degree temperatures last week demanded some attention. The gas tank on the lawn mower was empty along with most of the gas cans. I had planned on  an hour for yard work. I saw my plans melt into hours raking, mowing and clipping.
A few hours later, I look at my tidy lawn and then race for the shower to get cleaned up and out of the house.
The Mercury had to be taken for an inspection sticker before I could have some fun time. That done, I got back to the house, dropped the top on the roadster and headed into the city.
Best Buy was my destination. I Phones, IPods and I Pads and I know these are all Apple products and I needed to know a bit more. I have been weighing the idea of purchasing an I Pad for the husband. I found the IPad area and checked out the newest gotta have item.
It's by Apple and doesn't support any Windows programs which signals to me that the husband won't be using this for any Excel programs. The IPad has to be mothered off a computer for upgrades. A nine inch screen makes it very portable. Internet connection via WiFi will cost about 500.00. Boosting to 3G will add another 300.00 to the price.
For me, this would be perfect. For the husband, not so much. He would still have to have his laptop along for billing and to do his calculations. I left the IPad right where I found it and moved along.
Right now the Ambien is kicking in and I'll finish this quickly.
Checking my email a few minutes ago, I received a message from the husband.They are finishing up the job he is on and he will let me know if he is heading home or heading to Montana.
Say what? Montana? Where did that come from? Montana. It's cold, icy and snowy and it's not necessary. I'm waiting on a phone call or an email again. Turn down the offer...and head home. Don't drive into that mess and if you have to go, swing by and pick me up.
I'm waiting on the news but right now the Ambien is moving along delivering it's farewell. I'm done.

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