Thursday, December 16, 2010

Something for Everyone

And it was gone. Tapping on the Facebook icon on the desktop to this laptop left me staring at a blank page. I went to the browser and typed in the http and still nothing. What happened to my Facebook? 
and that's when I found this handy little link. It told me what I suspected.
What is it about Facebook that attracts? I don't play any of the games and I'm not interested in any of the "gifts' others are so generous with. I don't want someone to throw a pig at me, or poke me. I stop by to read the comments and occasionally post something of totally no importance to anyone. 

A matter of minutes and the site was back up and accessible and I sighed in relief.  I visited and once was enough for the afternoon. Knowing it's accessible was all I needed. The rights are righted.

The call came in around 1700 hrs and he was gone in a flash, almost. A blur of activity, suitcase, computer and telephone gear was quickly stowed in his truck soon after he received that call. Along with his leaving town, Carrie was collected by her mother and she too left on a trip to see her dad. She will be gone until Monday while the husband may be gone for the next 10 days. Everyone has somewhere to go but me. I'm sticking close to the house. I have some shopping left to do.
I'm off to bed with my eggnog and Ambien; a recipe for sleep.

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  1. Well a word of advice...never be tempted by the games on Facebook. I've never bothered with them, but last Saturday I couldn't get my UK TV website so I was a bit bored and noticed one of my friends had been playing one of the games so I had a look at it, and had a go. Oh it's so addictive and I just can't stop playing it now and I'm getting annoyed with myself because of it!


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