Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back in The Saddle..sorta

If you thought it was warm yesterday, you should have been here today.
It has been almost two weeks since I have straddled that bicycle and went anywhere on it. It sat on the patio along with Carrie's little orange bike, leafs blown around it and into it's spokes. I visited once and sprayed some cleaner on the gears and chain and walked away waiting for better weather.

Riding in the wind is too much work for me. It's akin to cross country skiing compared to Alpine skiing. I demand my biking be something I enjoy and pedaling into gale force winds isn't much fun (I maybe exaggerating on the force of the wind). Today was perfect. I dreaded being back on that bike after all this time expecting this to be a painful experience.

My IPod strapped to my upper right arm and my cell phone in its holder on my upper left arm, I headed out. I'm in touch.
 It took a while for me and that Trek to become paired. I ride the street for a while then dart upon a driveway and then lean into a quick turn to ride the sidewalks for a while and then back to the street. When approaching a stop sign, a car at that intersection dictates which direction I take. I don't like to stop or slow down so I'll take a right turn to someone approaching the stop sign from my right. 

My IPod is on shuffle and I've recently found a pair of ear buds that stay IN my ears (see a previous post describing my wreck because of wayward ear buds).

 Sometimes I'm listening to mellow James Taylor that revolves right into some country, to some hard rock and back to blues. The music keeps me riding when I think I'm done. Another tune starts to play that I want to hear so I bypass my house and keep riding. 
I wanted to ride around midnight last night. Full moon riding which is great. Didn't happen. I had Carrie here with me so we read Little Red Riding Hood and called it a night.

That was yesterday.

Today I've been doing the hunter/gatherer thing. I'm telling ya, if I had to traipse through the woods and shoot something, bring it home and then clean and cook it, we would all be at McDonalds for dinner. How did those pioneers do it? And all without a laptop or a GPA! 
My "good ole days" involved Safeways and motorized vehicles. Driving across  west Texas in a car with air conditioning and I was complaining because of the lack of civilization. No covered wagons nor Native Americans who were looking for a scalp or two to break the monotony? I'll admit it. I'm terribly spoiled.

Today I have yet to climb aboard my bike but I think that is exactly what I'm going to do as soon as this is published.
I'm gone. That light you see is the red strobe on the back of my bike. 

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