Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Length of Fabric To Some

A long length of brown embroidered cloth, she calls this a scarf. It drapes over her shoulders, the ends wrap around her arms. She wears her scarf to parade around the house. Sometimes it  covers her body as she curls up on the sofa to watch television.
Later in the day, we were watching TV in the master bedroom. That's when the scarf took on a whole new use. As the IPod in it's IHome played some Dave Mason tunes, the scarf was flung over her shoulders. Her arms extended, the ends of that scarf in her hands, she see-sawed the scarf back and forth while swinging her hips. She let the scarf drop from her shoulders to her waist then to her hips all the while with the see-sawing motion of her hands pulling on it. Her head was flung back and her eyes were closed. She danced about the room and used one hand to twirl one end of the scarf in a circular motion. Moving to the bedpost at the foot of the bed, she snaps the scarf from behind her back, over her head and lassos the bedpost, hips swinging, she pulls on one end of the scarf while loosening her grip with the other hand then reverses this motion. She swings her head, her long hair floats out from her head obscuring from sight her face.
The husband and I sit on the bed watching this display. I can't decide if she resembles a belly dancer or a stripper but I do know she doesn't resemble a 5yr. old little girl. I quietly whispered to the husband what I thought might be a career move for her in, oh say,  15 years.

I must confess, I don't remember much about my playtime as a 5yr. old but I'm sure it didn't involve scarfs, music and bedposts.
 I've never been a believer of reincarnation  but lately I've begun to be a little more accepting of that philosophy. Maybe Cleopatra used scarves and bedposts. 

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