Monday, December 27, 2010

Polished and Packed

I want to announce first and foremost, I'm not  complaining   but it's cold here. 27 degrees recorded as the low  last night and this morning I peeked outside to see if there was snow on the ground. Heavy frost. With any moisture, there would have been snow. There wasn't so that just left us being cold.

Records are being broken and I'm staying inside watching. What better time then to clean up this place and the first thing was taking down the Christmas tree. I left footprints in the frost. I had to get to the little house to get the totes. Another trip to pick up the air compressor. So much for staying indoors.
I became a little side tracked during my packing of Christmas stuff. The air compressor I used to clean the coils beneath the fridge. That started by doing the dishes and moving to the fridge to organize that a bit then of course that led to wiping down the exterior which led to that vent thing at the bottom. I removed the cover to wash it and peeked behind where it went. It was beyond dust bunnies. The air compressor works great. I blew greasy dust stuff all over the place which led to vacuuming the floors then mopping and there went the whole day.
Thankfully Christmas only happens once a year. I'm good for another 12 months.


  1. Oh this so reminds me of what I call my butterfly brain. You know? I flit from one thing to another. I start with one simple chore and somehow I get distracted and move on to something else, and before I know it a whole day has which time I've usually forgotten what it was I was trying to do in the first place!

  2. I know you won't take this the wrong way but did you really need a compressor to blow that out? he he he

  3. Linda...I did get it done...just took the long road to get there!

    John: I love the air compressor. When I had the carpenter hired..he had his own tools..but I went out and bought myself a compressor...a framing gun..staple gun, brad nailer... and I was his helper for those six months. I love the compressor..the vacuum wouldn't clean those coils..but that compressor with the air attachment did the trick! Kinda messy..but....


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