Monday, December 13, 2010

Universe Central

Yesterday we roamed in the bare minimum in clothing, the younger the barer it seemed. Beaches should be banned on sun worshipers above the age of 21. For those of us that have passed that age by 20 yrs or more, bare means capris or knee length shorts.
I had no desire to go anywhere yesterday.
Both the husband and I spent time in the kitchen. I simmered a pot of Gumbo while he cooked spicy shrimp and Jamican Jerk chicken wings. It was game day and the Saints were playing in the afternoon.

And I'm up early to tidy up before Carrie rolls out of bed. Spent the night again. I tried to talk her into going home but she wasn't having any of it. She's hard to say "no" to so she gets to do as she likes here. Her mother offers her frequent "realilty" checks when she returns to her care. By this time in Carrie's life, I'm sure she recognizes there are two sets of rules.
"Poppy's rules" where anything goes; she gets to do as she likes and "Momma's rules" where nothing slides and she slips back into the submissive role of a 5yr. old. She quickly learned the difference and how her role changes in the short distance from here to her house. Two different worlds exist and she slips from one to the other now with ease. Here she is the center of attention while at her house she is just "one of three" and her Princess crown rusts quickly when she makes that trip home.
Her meals are not served to her on a tray that is hand carried to her and consumed while the large screen TV is tuned in to her favorite shows. Her playmates are not the adults in her house. She entertains herself with her toys, no adults to play her imaginery games, to stop what they are doing to become immersed in her little life.
Nope, Carrie is on her own at her house and this is not a bad thing. Learning that she is not the center of the universe will serve her well someday. Learning to love being the center of the universe is where actors and actresses, professional atheletes, and "stars"  end up and we know how those lives usually end.

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  1. Grandparents' roles are to spoil grandchildren. It's what we do best. She's a bright kid. I'm sure she is well aware of the different boundaries!


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