Monday, December 6, 2010


My blogger is broke. I open this laptop and place my hands on the keyboard, my finger tips graze the home keys and are still. The fingers hover and no tapping of the keys, no letters to cyber paper, it appears my blogger is inoperable.
I can't force the letters that creep into word form. My mind seems stalled. It waits for a tickle or a trickle of ideas to pour from my brain  into my fingertips. A dry bed of thoughts, my fingers stiff from waiting, the paper remains blank. 
One day follows the weekend, void of contrasts. I need diversity. Sameness swallows my soul and my fingers remain motionless. It's time to move or make a move.
Tomorrow will be a break from sameness. I promise myself.


  1. Chug 4 or 5 shots of dark rum and see what happens. You need some lubrication and rum is a fine lubricant.

  2. Thanks Buffalo. I may take that prescription to the liquor cabinet and have it filled. If nothing else, it may propell me into a nice nap.

  3. Buffalo...said like a true Hemingway! lol


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