Friday, December 31, 2010

Hopefully Another for Each Of Us

It's the last day of 2010. I like to take a minute to read the blog I posted last year at this time. Was I doing exactly the same thing in exactly this position? For future reference, say Dec.31, 2011, I'm perched on the end of the sofa, the one that needs recovering. It hasn't had it's face lift. I don't know who needs one more. Me or this sofa. I think the sofa needs refreshing while I need more then one area lifted if you get my drift.
Hauling myself back on topic here, I sometimes take a journey back through the year using my blog as a vehicle of transportation. If not for this daily, or almost daily posting, those memories would be wisps of foggy humid air in the catalog bin I call my brain.

I don't and never expected this blog to be anything but a list of my personal experiences jotted down and sprinkled with a few pictures for review occasionally by myself. Maybe some  day the daughter and grand children might find some entertainment or enlightenment by reading it.  
Friends and strangers stop by to visit and sometimes leave comments that let me know they have stopped in.
2010 will be the year remembered for reconnecting with many friends from past years via Facebook. Leaving my hometown some 40yrs ago and reconnecting with the connections there to find friends children grown and with children of their own is a bit staggering at times. Friends west of the Mississippi from my years spent living there have emerged with  profiles searched for mutual friends. I've enjoyed hooking up with everyone again.
Note to my readers and followers:
Sorry about the tea and cookies. I always forget to leave the plate out and I never know exactly when you will be arriving. The door is always unlocked and you're always welcome. Drop me a note.  I enjoy knowing you have been here!

This winter has been one of blizzards and bitter cold. Not for me. I life in southwest Louisiana. It's the blizzard of 2010 that the north easterners,  New Yorkers and New Jersey natives won't forget. Stranded motorists and 2 ft of snow that hurried down upon those states, I watch the news reports awed by what is happening. I'm a happy southerner in December. Come mid summer, I'm a sweltering sweaty mess and looking for an escape route to some mountain in the Rockies.

I'm ending this year with not one resolution for the coming year.  Why set myself up for disappointment? What will be will be. It is what it is or will be and hopefully I'll be around for it.
Happy New Year to family and friends and to my world wide web friends and acquaintances. May the coming year smile kindly on each and everyone of you.
P.S. I might have to turn the a/c on today to chase away the awful humidity. It's winter in the south.


  1. Happy New Year to you :) I love your blog and do read it and am glad you share with us. And I'm very happy to have the privilege of knowing you! Gotta love technology! Sometimes, anyway.


  2. Carrie! Thanks for the wave. I'm just happy knowing you are there. Happy New Year to you and Cam!

  3. I love your writing! I haven't officially met you but any friend of Lynn's is a friend of mine! I hope you enjoy the Louisiana weather..we are getting hit with snow..cold...snow..wind! Love Wyoming (sometimes). I have a blog too if you ever want to check it is mostly my kids

  4. Tashie of the Lundberg Family!
    Thank you and I'm happy that you too stop by. I love seeing the pics of your chldren that you and Lynn post. Haven't seen Craig since we left Phoenix so the pics of him keep me updated. Have a safe and happy new year...and may 2011 bestow health, the most important wealth of all, upon you and your family and friends!

  5. Charlotte I'm sorry but I'm not going to read another one of your blogs this year I've had enough. All kidding aside I do really enjoy all the blogs and feel blessed to be able to get reaquinted and keep in touch via FB. And PS you are a great writer, I guess having the gift of gab is a good thing sometimes.

  6. John: I'm happy to know you also are on my friend's list on Facebook. All the questions I have posed to you, your patience in answering those quesions and even searching for an answer there among the town is appreciated. Here's hoping we can all get together soon for a visit.

  7. It's been lovely getting to know you Charlotte's to another happy blogging year xxx

  8. Happy New Year Linda. I've enjoyed my view of Turkey through your eyes and your pictures.


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