Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Aunt and that New Fangled Internet

Her voice evokes memories of my mother. That New England accent over the phone could be my mom talking. Her laughter too is much like my mother's laugh. She is mom's baby sister and though I haven't seen her for many years, a telephone conversation exists that leaves no time gap in our fun.
This Aunt is a very positive person and my spirits are lifted when we talk. Families, at best, can be difficult at times and she is familiar with the machinations that sometimes develops between family members. We discuss current events, society changes  in morals and conduct, skipping from one subject to the next, a bare break for a deep breath. Often she is stunned by what she finds on the Internet and how it is used.  Occasionally she will voice her concerns for me; I reassure her that I am fine and she admonishes me to stay above the fray and to not "sink" to the levels to which she observes on Facebook. This classy Aunt is absolutely horrified at people and their dirty laundry on Facebook and the Internet. Another era produced this kind and gentle person; a time when people didn't have a Facebook page to air dirty laundry and personal information best left to living rooms and whispers.
The perfect mother lives on Facebook. Her posts are about her love for her children and only the neighbors know the real story on the care she provides.  The perfect wife and perfect couple resides there too. Kind words filled their home, loving and caring for each other throughout their relationship appears on their web pages. No hint of the degrading of each other, the miserable existence they shared, living separate in one house. Who's to know? Only those that spend some real time with these people would ever suspect the truth. The Internet gives them an opportunity to rewrite their life's and display it in grand flourishes for your viewing pleasure.  It takes but a keyboard and a little typing skill to allow those whose lives are only something they have imagined to suddenly obtain the attention and sympathy they desire. Neither she nor I are  fooled by what is projected on the Internet. These things sometimes discussed between us which causes much giggling and laughter and shaking of heads neither of us can see.
I've encouraged this Aunt to get a web cam. We will hopefully be able to Skype soon. I'll be able to not only hear her laughter but see her face as well! I'm looking forward to this.
I only wish we lived a little closer. Skype will help!

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