Saturday, October 27, 2012


For the past 5 years the sound of that door not closing was still an irritation. That door leads from the hallway into the sink area of the small bathroom that is the communal break room. Another door leads into the water closet. A water closet is a nice way of saying "the toilet area. The door to this room operates quite nicely. Anyone needing to wash their hands at the sink will have to do so without the hall door clicking into place.
For 5 years I've listened to guests attempting to shut that door. After about 4 attempts, they give up. My OCD has never allowed me to accept this door defect.
Last night I picked up the cordless drill and marched into that room and removed the screws from the latch plate. A mere 1/4 inch movement of this plate cured what has annoyed me all these years.
I'm  on a roll. Today I put that cordless drill to use again and installed the curtain rod holders in the master bedroom. Those curtains were taken down and draped across the bed in the guest room about 3 months ago when new windows were placed in each bedroom. This is not a favorite task to do but I was determined. Measuring tape, screws, drywall anchors and cordless drill juggled while standing on a "two step stool" two hours later I was hanging the curtains on the rods.
I took the remainder of the afternoon off.
It was a brisk 60 degrees here and for us that's a temperature that inspires gumbo's and blankets and time spent indoors. Had I not been so busy inside, I would have put on some long pants and spent some hours in the breezy outdoors. This is my kind of weather. The hot humid days are behind us now and I have the next 9 months before that heat and humidity returns.
A hot shower, a pair of flannel pajamas and I'm ready to slip into my bed with the television and my laptop. 

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