Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13th, Party Time!

October 8th, 2005, Carrie Lane Elisabeth Boudreaux made her arrival into this world. I was at the bedside along with Ted, her brother and Elise, her sister, her father and his mother. It was a very emotional time for one and all. The tears poured as the doctor handed her over to two NICU nurses that were waiting to suction and do an APGAR on her. Marconi was in the fluids surrounding her in the womb and she had to be examined for the possibility of inhaling it into her lungs. Thankfully, Carrie was a healthy breathing pink and white skinned wonder. No blue tinge marred her body to raise an alarm of low oxygen.
A few days later Carrie and her mother came home. She rode in her baby carrier on the back seat of my car, watched over by her mother from the front seat.
This child has been a joy to be around. Her time has been divided between her house and mine. She spends many hours here with us and watching her grow up has been both a treat and bittersweet. The cuddly baby has now grown to an independent seven year old and today we will celebrate with a water slide, food and friends.
Two tables arranged in a "T" formation and covered in green tropical print table cloths support a   pile of colorful Leis which will be Carrie's welcome to her guest. She will place one around their necks as they arrive. Colorful banners pronouncing the birthday are tacked onto the tables, cold drinks fill the refrigerator on the patio and a Pinata waits to be destroyed by a small pink metal baseball bat.
April baked her cakes here yesterday and today she will be around to decorate them. A Volcano cake will be  belching smoke situated in a field of green grass and tropical flowers done to compliment the theme of a Laue; dry ice and pvc piping embedded below the bundt cake provides the steam. One of us will have to dash to the ice house for the dry ice before the party guests arrive. The hot dog sauce has been simmered for hours; the hot dogs will be cooked in a small amount of vegetable oil, some with crisp browned skin, my favorite. Shish Ka Bobs of fresh pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and grapes  will be skewered  and offered to the guests.  We have it all planned. Let's hope it all goes to plan! 
The children will be in bathing suits for the water slide, Carrie in her pink grass skirt over her suit will be the Hula Birthday girl.
This event was scheduled a month ago. The temperatures dipped into the 50's at night and the days were cool and windy and we worried. As that cold swept through this state, we breathed a sigh of relief to have the temperatures forecast for a sunny high 80's for this day. The children will be able to enjoy the inflatable water slide.
There is still much to do. It's early and I'm telling myself that we have plenty of time to finish up the preparations. Stress will always creep in no matter how well prepared we think we are.
I have things to do. I'll get started early. That will help won't it?

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