Friday, October 26, 2012

The Sky was wearing it's night jacket

The sun has not invaded the night's space. From where I sat on the sofa, one of two sofas'  in my living room, I had a dead on view of the long floor to ceiling windows facing the front of the house. Through the sheer curtains, the night remained fully in control. The television was burping out news of murderous nannies in Manhattan, Colin Powell's announcement that he was supporting a democratic candidate for President while John Sununu was making racist comments accusing Powell of supporting the Presidential candidate based on his color.
"Teachers union launches tour against Mitt Romney" is on a crawl on the bottom of the television screen. About a week and half and the election will be history. The selection made will affect our history as every election furroughs it's own path forward leaving the debris  of it's passing.
I'm a liberal in a bright red state. I'm not a liberal because I chose to be. I came from a long line of conservatives from a state that wasn't known for it's tolerance of others that were "different" or "ideas that were contrary to their own beliefs". Thankfully I left this closeted environment and went exploring across the United States.
Living among  people with different outlooks, views and opinions  helped shape who I became. Tolerance and acceptance of differences in languages and lifestyles, lessons faced from each state  and their residents was something I have always been grateful for. It's who I am today.
I sit among my siblings and listen to their conversations, some of which are an embarrassing testament to their choice of friends and surroundings. I feel a chasm separating us. Had I stayed in one small secluded area, would I be more comfortable listening to their rhetoric and spouting the same collected from watching Fox News? Comfortable and smug in their digestion of this very biased GOP based outlet, their conversation drips with the voice clips they have just heard. Tomorrow they will get a fresh new list of items to ingest, digest and regurgitate. Oh, they profess to checking out other news stations but it's evident by their conversation this is not truth based.
Fact check is shooed aside. Who's interested in facts.
This has been a strange election, many times focused not on policies but on attacks and insults.
It will be interesting watching the outcome of the people's choice. Let's hope we don't have another "Bush Administration". Now that was embarrassing! 

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