Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Sat down and now I can't Move

Things were going along swimmingly until I stopped moving. I'm exhausted. It has been a non stop day.
The little lawn mower was left at April's house a few days ago before the rains started. I forgot about it so today I made a trip there to encourage the daughter to mow her yard so I could load the little mower up and return it to it's home in my shed. The daughter was feeling under the weather so I started mowing. Things were going well until I mowed over a heavy piece of metal. The little lawn mower died. She just laid down and died on me but not before she burped up a huge amount of oil. The oil poured over the body and dripped onto the ground. When I pulled on the started cord, black smoke belched forth and she remained quiet. I left her to cool off and headed to my home to get a quart of oil. By the time I returned she had cooled off. I added some oil and pulled the starter cord again. She roared to life belching black smoke again. After the air cleared, the little lawn mower was once again healthy and ready to perform.
A few minutes pass and the granddaughter calls to tell me she had locked her keys in her car and wanted to know if I would drive over and bring my spare.  I dropped the top on the roadster and decided to enjoy the drive.
The remainder of the day was spent on home repairs; the daughters. I have a list of things I want to get done and I work on this list when the husband is out of town. Mirrors to be hung, doors to be Kilzed and painted, a door knob to replace and a window blind to be hung and my list for this week will be completed.
My daughter accuses me of being OCD. I beg to differ. I can't stand seeing anything broke or not working correctly. It doesn't bother the daughter though. I drive her around the bend with my compulsion to "fix" things.
I'm exhausted and hungry. I'm more exhausted then hungry so I'm headed for the bed. I can schedule a breakfast tomorrow morning.

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