Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Pain in The Butt

This year has been one of expense after expense. Ted's truck  1200.00, April's Jeep 300.00 and now my car for almost 899.00 and that's been in the past two months!

The a/c unit and the new roof this summer also put a big dent in my bank account. Now if  all that isn't aggravating enough, my blue tooth gave up on me yesterday.

I have blue tooth options on my iPhone. I'm very familiar with pairing it with my blue tooth ear piece so yesterday when it wouldn't connect, I went into my settings and reset them to no avail. Today I opened up the spare blue tooth ear piece, charged it up and paired it with my iPhone. Nix on that too so now I'm assuming my iPhone has the problem. I rebooted it and tried again and again faced failure. My last option was to do a "reset" on the iPhone and there remains my big error.

I am now without a phone....i or otherwise (iPhone). I've had to plug my phone up to the mother ship and jump through all the hoops, sign in  to iTunes and hope everything comes back onto my cell. I have a SIM card but that doesn't mean all my 150 phone numbers will be saved. With luck I might salvage a few but the SIM card has a limit on how many numbers it can contain. I still don't know if this will fix the blue tooth on it. I'm impatiently waiting and watching my iPhone and it's  little graphic that is slowly creeping toward the 'full" mark.

My husband scolds me for not syncing with my computer weekly for updates on my iPhone. I'm not really interested in all the options offered by owning a smart phone. He questions my need for a phone that is capable of all that an iPhone offers. I want to use a phone as it was intended. I dislike very much surfing the net on a screen that even with reading glasses, it's a pain in the butt to see. I seldom turn on the 3G feature. I leave the WiFi live, never check my email on it preferring to use my iPad for surfing and mail. I detest texting. Finding the letters on that touch screen is another pain in the butt.

I've just checked in on the iPhone's syching and it has finally finished. Amazingly all my contacts but three were saved through iCloud. My blue tooth earpiece works! The blue tooth problem is what instigated all this misery today so I'm very grateful that after all this drama, it's now functioning again. Should this happen again, I'll stop by the AT&T store and have them fix it.

I'm not even going to mention the hemorrhoid issue...just another pain in the butt. :-(

I can get whiffs of the steak cooking on the grill. I'm ready for a good thick steak and a baked potato. The black Russian I'm sipping on is almost finished; time to mix another!  I deserve a treat today!

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