Saturday, October 6, 2012

I See Progress

Again the day started with a little shopping for supplies but not before unlatching the large gate to the back yard to load the trunk of my car with the chop saw and a jig saw.

The daughter is busy sanding and staining the wood trim that will be placed around each door for facings. Three coats of stain with a bit of sanding between each coat leave me with time to do a few other things and there is plenty to do. I patched rough places in that bathroom wall we are working on. I'll have to wait until that coat of spackling dries before I place another coat. I scrubbed the whole room down with warm bleach water and then moved on to pull the old trim off the doors. We are on a mission to bring this home up to  the standards when first built. Hopefully the new sink and faucets will be placed this weekend. I'm anxious to finish up this room and move on to the living room. Working on the common areas is my first concern. 

Carrie's room just needs to have some trim finish work done while Ted's room needs a bit more attention. Ceilings to be painted and chair rail around the living room should finish up the work there. 

The last project will be the daughter's bedroom and bathroom. A new garden tub and walls in the bathroom and some paint and new flooring in her bedroom will bring us to the finish line on the inside. I'm sure there will be a few other odds and ends like a new back door and an 8x12 back deck will be in the plans. I try to not look too far ahead as there seems to be a lot of work remaining. I need to pace myself and not expect it to be done in a short time period. I tend to want to be compulsive when I'm involved in any project while the daughter works at a much more leisurely pace.

I have been on the move since early this morning and once again I'm looking forward to some bed time. The husband made it home around 2200 hrs and was on his way to Ozonia, Texas at 0600 this morning. He will be gone another 10 days. I can only imagine how thrilled the daughter will be when she hears that I can be at her house for 10 more days of "fixin up" the place.
How bad is one's life when a new sink and faucet causes a surge of gleeful anticipation?  I might need to go job hunting?

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