Friday, October 19, 2012

You are Not Hidden

Sometimes a little of Facebook goes a long way. I watch as the devout proclaiming their love of their higher power, praise that entity and then crash to the ground from those lofty proclamations by posts that drip with poison contradict and expose their clay feet. 
Nothing posted on Facebook is private but then I suppose the vile posters, bible in one hand, poison pen in the other either ignore or are intentional in exposing their unhappiness translated into ugliness to others. Years of anger, guilt and rage ooze out and color the pages; their friends offer their support of this behavior which only instills some justification to their comments.
Do they ever note who is encouraging this behavior or better yet..the ones that do not touch the "Like" icon? Are they so caught up in their bitter life that it never occurs to them what those that ignore the comment section must be thinking?
I'll never believe that Facebook is the place to air grievances, personal information or public whippings. It's a public forum and the key word here is "public". Much like liquids, flowing along the ground, a public forum seeks it's own level which is usually the lowest point on the trail. Watching Facebook activity is a social study in human behavior. 

The limbic system controls and filters our response and reactions. Watching some of the posters on Facebook, one has to wonder if their filter has been damaged or do they need constant affirmation on their opinions. I  seldom post and usually it is on mundane topics concerning family activities especially my time spend with my granddaughter who is always providing positive upbeat stories to entertain.

I'm amazed at the number of posters that use "Karma" as a tool of retribution. Some even use it as a noun. I doubt that these people have actually been to a dictionary and looked up the meaning of Karma. Karma is never evil or vindictive. I shake my head and roll my eyes and I'm grateful my face is not broadcast as I scan over these Facebook posts. It's scary to think of how many posters out there that are waiting on the evil Karma to do their bidding. Karma is now the new catch word, exposing their lack of understanding of th word. I grin as I move my mouse to the upper right of my screen and tap on the white "X" in the red square.
The screen collapses in on itself and I'm done with Facebook and I'm grateful that it's just that easy to move on.    


  1. I find it quite worrying that people seem happy to post the most personal information on FB. Me? Well you probably already know...dogs, dogs and more dogs..obsessed with rescuing them. And FB is a brilliant platform for this kind of activity. Our rescue charity has managed to get dogs adopted to Europe, UK and beyond, all thanks to sites like FB.

    Oh and like you, I love it for the family photos...the fact that when my daughter posts up photos of my grandsons I can see them almost immediately.

    I'll admit I've used "karma" inappropriately (not often, but nevertheless...). I know better now.

  2. Hi Ajak....nice to see ya! You do great work for those animals..a kind heart is never a bad thing!


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