Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Day of Glamour

Today was day full of glitz and glamour. Cherries in the Snow lipstick  and  deep brown eyeliner graced my face. A girl has to be prepared. This morning was dedicated to cleaning bathrooms. I prepare by trying to look my best. I figure it helps my attitude on this chore by attempting to NOT look like the cleaning crew.
I do enjoy shiny chrome. The bathtub has it's own sheen to it and the clear shower curtain is once again really clear. Soap scum and toilet ring has been banished for another week. As I do this dreaded cleaning I think about all the motels I have been in and the housekeepers that buzzed into that room to make the bed and clean the bathroom. Not one bathroom but one in a long line of many. It's bad enough cleaning your own bathroom. The thought of cleaning a strangers' bathroom makes me want to award a medal to those housekeepers who do this back breaking job day after day. You have my respect!
Carrie is spending the night and I'm uploading a video I shot of her tonight. Have you seen the Gangnam videos? All the rage now, and breaking all records on You Tube viewing, Carrie is wild about them. She studies the moves and attempts the dance steps. Silly as the Gangnam videos are, she can sit for hours watching them. Even after she is in bed sound asleep, the sound of that video still bounces around inside my skull. Gangnam Style!! The Korean that started this craze screams from the video. The music sounds part techno and the song is not in English. I'll post the link to the You Tube video on this blog so you can get the full effect.

It's shower time in my clean shiny chrome fauceted bathroom. I'll check my video upload before I go to bed. Uploading on this laptop is ridiculously slow and I'm too sleepy to stay up much longer. Cleaning bathrooms is exhausting.

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