Saturday, October 20, 2012

Football Saturday

I seem to have lost all interest in football this year. I haven't watched an entire Saint's game nor an LSU game.
Tonight we ordered a pizza and collected a six pack of beer and bellied up to the coffee table to watch WVU take on Kansas State. The pummel was downright embarrassing for WVU. The gold and blue are right now into the third quarter, bruised and battered. The only touch down was a run back from a punt to WVU. The score is somewhere around 45/7 favoring Kansas State.
The crowd in the stadium of this home game is dampened down by the trouncing WVU is taking. A sad night for their fans.
I've spent most of this day lounging. I've moved from one sofa to the other never giving up possession of the remote control. Napping and gorging on television has been my day. I haven't been a productive sort all day and I'm not embarrassed by my laziness.
Carrie will be returning tomorrow from her weekend visit with her dad. I'm expecting her to spend the night with me and I'm ready for her to be here. She as been out of school for the past week for fall break and has spent most of her time at her house. I miss her company.
It's almost Ambien time. The score just racked up 57/7...WVU should just sneak out of the stadium. I don't think anyone would miss em..
I'm done as well. 

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