Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I should be so easily excited...

She didn't want to go to school today and I couldn't help but wonder if it was because she wanted to stay home and spend time on her trampoline.
We stood together at the corner with the other little children waiting on the school bus to round the corner and creep to  her first stop on this street. Soon Carrie was climbing aboard the bus and moving to the third row of seats where she shoulders her book bag onto the seat and slides into her space. It is 0730 and she is gone for the day. This will repeat in reverse at 1513 this afternoon and she will rush home to get her homework. She knows a few friends will be around to play on the trampoline as soon as they finish their homework.
I wanted to watch so the daughter placed a few chairs around the trampoline and with our iced tea in hand we watched the little girls bouncing and listened to their happy giggles and shrieks. I love to listen to them laugh. Little children should be care free. Soon enough the pressures of life will encroach and the giggles won't be as free nor as long and loud.
Carrie is spending the night and right now she is in the bathtub with her swim goggles on and her toys floating around her. I'll let her stay as long as she wants though I know she is exhausted. The trampoline is the best purchase I have made for a while. It gets her out of the house and moving. Her friends have something to do when they visit that doesn't involve a it TV or computer. I"ll make sure she always has one in her yard.
I'm off to do some dishes and get Carrie out of the tub and dressed for bed. I shall return. 

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