Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thankfully it's not mine

My friend Pat who lives down the block and around the corner started a project and this has kept me busy. 2 acres of undeveloped property lies but a mear 1/2 mile from our houses; Pat bought both acres. Then she bought an 18X80 mobile home to put on this acreage with the intent of moving her son out of his apartment and into this house with axles. Sounded really easy to her but little did she realize what had to happen to realize this goal. She had to clear the property of old trailors, cars and debris. A well needed to be drilled and a septic tank installed. Unfortunately the spot where she wanted to install this home was already occupied by a huge oak tree. The tree had to go. The tree was felled, the stump ground up and removed. Rain and a few other obstacles prevented the movement of the mobile home from it's rental lot to it's new home on the 2 acres. Stress mounted with all the problems that had to be dealt with and money was leaving her bank account  faster then a speeding train. I was along for the ride.
A dirt pad was finally ready and the rain stopped.  The trailor was moved barely in time to miss having to pay another months lot rental. 30 days from the time this home was moved onto it's new location, it was ready for her son to move into today. The water well was drilled, the septic was in and the electric line was run.
One thing remained that needed to be done right away; a deck had to be built and she hired a carpenter. After watching this man work for two days, she came to realize that measuring and cutting wood accurately was not his forte.  The deck was a mess, slivers of wood bit into one's hand from the railing, patched wood areas where miscalculations in measuring, a cobbled mess stood on concrete piers that leaned crookely on unleveled ground. She was appalled. I was along for the ride but now it was evident that someone needed to step in and take control of this disaster.
The daughter and I had just finished a 10 X 12 deck; a deck that was a great learning project for both of us.
We had him remove the  railings  and redo them. The hand rails and the posts on the deck were also removed. I showed the carpenter ( I use that word loosely) where to set the posts and where to attach the rails going down the steps. A level would have been a tool that one would take for granted being used. Apparently this man didn't feel the need to use one.
At the end, the little 6X6 deck cost roughly 1700.00 with all the lumber wasted and the rental of a generator for 2 1/2 days. This does not include labor.
 I should go into the deck building business. This man won't be doing the bigger deck that will span the front of this home. If you don't look too closely, this little deck serves the purpose but will never win any prizes for skill or beauty or even being level.
I'm spending my day at home tomorrow. I have some of my own "home" work to attend. Right now, I'm off to my king size bed. Carrie is spending the night at her house and the husband is out of town so I have the big bed all to myself. A treat!

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