Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Water, Snow and Cold

We are stumbling through our last days of this cold front. It's been about 4 days since I've seen my bright red toenails splayed against my flip flops. The one pair of socks I own and have been wearing our getting a bit stiff and crusted. Every two days I slip out of these leggings and sweatshirt to run them through the washing machine. Next cold spell, I plan on having two pair of socks to make it through the whole thing.
While I'm staggering along here in the deep south, the big storm has hit the East coast. Beach front property in New Jersey are total losses, engulfed in either sand or water. More damage broad casted from Narragansett, R.I. As I view these pictures, my mind reels backward to the time we spent in R.I. and the visits to Narragansett. My mother's people live in R.I. and I've been calling regularly to Aunt Ev to check on her safety. She, Uncle Tony and their son Scott are weathering this storm in their home. Recent reports from her are of very little effects from this storm.
Hurricane Sandy is now dumping all that water transformed into snow over Pa, Va., WV. and Kentucky. Winds have dropped down to 65mph so it is reeking it's havoc as a tropical storm. No matter what the meterologists call it, it's still a storm that will continue to cause much damage as it moves along.
I timidily make this statement. "I'm glad it didn't come our direction!"   I lost my excitement for watching hurricanes come into the Gulf and head our way. I watch now with dread, knowing the damage they cause, the clean up required and the worst is the lost of electricity and having to live in the heat and humidity.
It's time to warm up the car and drive the one mile to Carrie's house to collect her and then drive her the 1000 ft to her bus stop where we sit and chat until the bus comes. Sometimes she doesn't want converation but just to be held closely and quietly. I adjust to what she wants. 

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