Monday, October 22, 2012

It's cold?

I slipped into her bedroom this morning and as is our usual routine, I nuzzled her neck, rubbed her back and whispered in her ear "It's time to get up Boogie."
Slowly she switched position and rolled over onto her side while struggling to get her eyes open. Gradually she came up from the deep sleep she was enjoying, a little smile crossing her lips. The hug was returned. I didn't rush her to get up and going. I know she will not tarry. She sat up in bed, then moved to the edge as she held my hand and slipped down to the cold floor. I escorted her to the bathroom door and leaving her there headed for the kitchen to get her school lunch packed.
There is no rush to our mornings. I have everything timed and we both know the limits. She has now climbed up onto the sofa and found the soft plaid lap blanket that I use so often. Her head boroughs into the feather pillow and I turn on the TV so she can watch a few minutes of cartoons while I finish my kitchen activities. I'm giving her a few more minutes to get alert and then she will slip into her school uniform, the tall black boots she got for her birthday and join me in the kitchen for the dollar size pancake smothered in butter and syrup.
Her milk is poured and waiting in the tall wine glass. Immediately after breakfast, she takes herself down the hallway to greet her Poppy who is still asleep.
At 0715 we are out the door and into the car, book bag and lunch bag in hand. 30 minutes have passed since she was awaken. The bus will be at her stop at 0730. Five minute drive to the bus station and a few minutes to wait on the bus and Carrie's day has started. Standing in line, Carrie wraps her arms around me. I am enjoying the affection when she whispers "Nana, it's cold and this keeps me warm." I thought she wanted some lovin..silly me.
Children love routine. With little control over their environment, a routine gives them a sense of security. I strive to maintain this routine. Carrie's cloths are laid on the coffee table the night before. Her lunch bag contents have been discussed and readied and her book bag sits by the door. We are stress free on our daily duties to get ready for school and we both like it this way.
Now to address my automobile's problem. I've left her at the tire place. It appears that the ball joints have worn out and she needs both front and rear shocks. It's the least I could do for the old lady. She'll have some lift in her front and rear from the new shocks and the ball joints will assure that my high speed driving is done safely. I've mentioned before that I'm just not ready to send her to the bone yard.
She is running smoothly today. I don't know if the HEET or the Lucas fuel injector cleaner was the reason. Maybe just having the gas tank cap on correctly helped. I've just learned that the mechanics highly recommend using that fuel injector cleaner as most of the gas we buy now has 10 per cent ethanol and it gums up the fuel injectors. It's no wonder that every time I fill up at the Walmart pumps, that prerecorded voice booms out at me from the pump about buying the fuel additive which in the past I ignored. I had no idea we should be adding that stuff. I bought enough of the Lucas additive to put some in Ted's truck and my car. I'm going to check the mileage for better performance.
and..that's my day so far...and it's barely noon!

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