Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ice and Me

Oh's cold here. How did I ever survive winters in the north? I'm dreadfully spoiled and though I complain about the hot humid summers here, I'm afraid that moving some place north is totally out of the question. I still have nightmares of frozen pipes and frozen fingers, iced automobiles and weak batteries that sighed softly when hitting the starter on those cars. Slips, slides and falls and one knew winter was about. I don't miss shoveling snow and scraping windshields!

Carrie stayed the night here. It was almost 2100 hrs when she got here and about an hour later she was found sitting at the desk, her head resting on the desk top sound asleep. Thankfully I had put her into pajamas when she first arrived. I urged her to her feet and escorted her into her bed. She was back to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She spent most of the day here and escaped to her home to make cookies with her mom. I may get a call from her later this evening to spend the night. It will be a cold morning for her to stand at the bus stop tomorrow morning.
I'm going to watch the Saints and the Denver Broncos game. It's being played in the mile high city, Denver, and it looks as though it might be warmer there then it is here in Louisiana.
It will be time for the little goblins to be roaming the streets. Usually it's much to hot for them to be wearing their costumes. This year they will be wearing coats and mittens.
It's time for a hot shower and my bed. 

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