Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Bounce In Your Life

Carrie, the caboose in the line of grandchildren is now seven years old. To be precise, she is seven years and two days old. Her party will be this weekend on my back lawn. We have rented a "water slide" that is inflated and hooked up to water to make the slide slicker. Family and a few friends are expected to attend and the daughter is watching the weather very closely, after all, it's October here in southwest Louisiana. The temperatures are supposed to be in the mid 80's. We have been wearing sweaters and long pants this past week. Our temperatures have been dipping down into the impossibly intolerant 50's during the night and the natives are not happy. I, for one, am enjoying the brisk weather. I'm not a big fan of sweating.
October o8th, just two days ago was Carrie's birthday and we her immediate family gifted her on that day. Roller skates, dolls, boots and clothes and...and..and...a TRAMPOLINE!
Ted, April and I gathered around that 14ft metal frame that was erected and proceeded to stretch the mat to the holes encircling the metal frame. Had it not been for Ted and his strength, we might never had succeeded in getting the mat on. With much groaning and complaining, we moved on to placing the part that protects one from bouncing into the springs that hold the mat, then it was on to putting up the net that prevents the little bouncers from catapulting out onto the ground below. Falling off the trampoline is not the dangerous part but bouncing off after springing 5 feet into the air is where the hurt would come into effect.
A banner screaming out "Happy Birthday" was attached to the top of the netting and the setup was finished, an hour to spare before Carrie was to arrive to her bus stop.
We collected her and while her mother detained her long enough for me to get into position with my camera, we watched for her reaction. This was "Carrie's Big Surprise Gift" and it was a hit. She walked around the corner and stood stock still but only for a moment. The hopping up and down accompanied her squeals and then she was off. Both mom and daughter squealed and laughed and bounced and bounced. After a few minutes as typical of Carrie, she crawled over to the edge where I stood watching and whispered "Nana, who got this for me?"  "Me and Poppy." I whispered. She whispered back "Tell Poppy "thank you" and I love it!" and back to bouncing she went.
Carrie was aware that her older sister and brother had enjoyed a trampoline years ago and had mentioned wistfully her wishes to have been around when they were using theirs. Now she gets to enjoy this with them; Ted was the first one to get his bounce on as soon as it was set up. I'm sure Elise will be the next one grabbing some air time on it.
Before and after the trampoline being set up, the daughter and I continued our little project of "fix up and repair". I don't think this is my daughter's favorite activity. The bathroom has progressed far enough along now to require paint and this is the part of the project that excites me. I only "fix" because it has to be done, but selecting paint and wall decor is the carrot on the stick that keeps me motivated. I have towel racks, pretty towels and a soft muted gold/tan wall. I'm keeping it simple as it's a "boy" bathroom. This is the bathroom Ted uses and he is thrilled with the progress. I haven't had to tell him to pick up his clothes off the floor since this renovation started. He appreciates the changes  in "his" bathroom.
We also put up new door facings on the three doors that open from the hallway and the change was an immediate improvement. We have a lot to do. It would be easy to be overwhelmed by the work ahead so we are taking little bites at a time. This is not an overnight project and we accept that.
Right now, with Carrie's birthday party approaching, the construction is on hold. I'll paint that bathroom next week.
Today feels like a Saturday but I know it must be Wednesday as Carrie had her dance class yesterday afternoon. Immediately after that class, she was into her homework and then onto the trampoline with a little girl that lives next door. The daughter said she declined a snack and was anxious to get outdoors and onto her new toy. This will be a great form of exercise for Carrie and a good reason to get away from the television and the computer. I might give it a try some day when no one is around....maybe not.
I'm assuming being really flexible helps with all that bouncing and having some "balance" another plus.
The husband just made it back home yesterday afternoon after a 10 hr. drive. He spent 5 days in Texas waiting on the rig to be ready for him only to find out that the job was cancelled so he billed them 110,000.00 for his time and the equipment that sat on that rig and never used. Trucks were summoned to pick up the tools, his bill was submitted and signed and he was on his way home. I could have done this job. I'm excellent at hanging out in a motel room. Being called to the rig to perform would be where my lack of skills would be noted.
I'm off there to get some laundry in the washer and make a quick trip to the store for some bacon and eggs.
The husband might request breakfast.

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