Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hotel Translyvania

Ok, so I just got back from the theatre; Carrie had plans on seeing that movie. This was a 3D animation, an Adam Sandler creation with celebrities doing the voices of  the characters.

A movie expressly for children, the adults were laughing at the subtle jokes that were designed to skim over the heads of the little ones. Something for everyone and Carrie laughed at the appropriate for age jokes.  The pool scene where the invisible man, wearing only swim trunks and eye glasses, his trunks pulled down exclaimed as he ran away, "Don't laugh! The water is cold." Lines like this were not intended for the wee ones.
Coloring books, checkers games, movies and books have been the order of this day. There has been a light rain falling on and off; the clouds hover promising more of the same. I've managed to keep Carrie entertained but had she not been around, I might have been tempted to nap most of this afternoon.

The sun has been absent, the temperatures "temperate' and humidity low; the wet ground hasn't received any hot sun to cloud the air. I don't mind a rainy day or two or even three as long as they mimic today. The maple tree on the front lawn has started to shed a few leaves. As the months pass, mounds of them will litter the grass, be picked up by the wind and assault the neighbors lawns. This doesn't make the neighbors happy but I figure it's just leafs and not dog droppings so it's not a big faux pas.
Maybe I can stretch out on this sofa and get a few minutes of sleep while Carrie creates another art masterpiece with her crayons and coloring book.
I'm gonna give it a try!

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